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Mud Pump Expendable Pats

1-1  Modules


We provide a full line of module assy. and fluid end expendable for popular mud pump in the world including continental Emsco, National, Gardner Denver, Oilwell, Ideco,Wilson etc. the main product are sold to USA ,middle Asia Canada, Mexico, Middle-east, & Russia.

Heat-treat and internally hardened for high durability, available in various materials to meet a wide range of applications, standard one or two-piece configuration, with designs available for pressure of 5000,7500 and 10000 psi ,discharge connections available on each side. Suction connections on each side or front center. Adapt most third party fluid-end modules to the mud pump.


1-2  LINER

TOPLAND specialized in supplying wide range of replacement parts and liners for brand name mud pump including Emsco National, Ideco Gardner Denver , etc and other brand liners.

Emsco: F-1300 F-1600 FB-1300 FB-1600,F-800,F-1000,F-500,F-350,DB -550 ,DA-700,FA-1300/1600,FC-2200. D -300,500, 700.

Ideco: T-500,T-800 ,T-1000,T-1300,T-1600

National : 7P50, 8P80,9P100,10P130,12P160,

Gardner Denver: PZ7 PZ9 PZ11 PAH275

Oilwell : A-560/600-PT ,A-850-PT,A-1100-PT ,A-1700-PT,A-1400-PT

  • Bi-metal Liner

  • Ceramic Liner

  • Chromium-plated liner

  • Hardened liner



Our premium piston are fully interchangeable with other API designed piston and deliver maximum performance in almost all drilling conditions. The hub is formed from high grade steel. The piston rubber is made from specially formulated compounds which are resistant to the effects of heat, oil and water. The multi-ply fabric reinforced backing used in the production of the piston rubbers provide positive wear resistant seals. High tensile strensile strength,resistance to chemicals, hydrocarbon.

  • Bonded urethane piston

  • Bonded rubber piston

  • Bonded urethane triplex piston


1-4 Pony Rod

1-5 Piston rod for triplex

1-6 Piston rod for duplex mud pump

1-7 API Valve




1-8 Clamp

1-9 Bladder for Pulsation Dampener