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  Major features:
K type mast is made of H steel, and has the advantages of wide eyeshot and convenient transportation.
The substructure is Block package type which has good stability; while drawworks and mast adopt low-position installation and being lifted upon drawworks power.
Drawworks is a seal type chain transmission drawworks which has 4 forward gears+2 reverse gears (or 6 forward gears+2 reverse gears), and it equips auxiliary drive device for mast lifting and emergency lifting.
This rig is equipped with an integral driller's cabin, in which a driller can finish major operations and controls.
Between each part of rig transmission system adopt cardan shaft connection, which is convenient to install and disassemble.
Overall layout of the rig is reasonable, while its modularization can meet the requirements of integrally lifting, train and truck transportation.
Main technical parameters            
1 Nominal drilling depth 7000m ( 114mmDP ) 9 Quantity and power of drilling pump 2× 1600 hp pump
6000m ( 127mmDP ) 10 Substructure type Block package type
2 Max hook load 4500kN 11 Substructure height and clear height under RT beam 7.5m / 6.26m
3 Wire rope system of traveling system 6x7 , parallel 12 Mast type and effective height K TYPE , 45m
4 DW rated power 1470 kW ( 2000hp ) 13 Transmission mode hydraulic transmission and chain paralleling
5 DW gear 4 gears 6 gears 14 Quantity/power of main diesel engine 4x810kw
4 forward+ 2 reverse 6 forward+ 2 reverse 15 Quantity and power of auxiliary generator set 2×400kW
6 Diameter of drilling wire rope φ 38mm
7 RT opening diameter 952.5mm ( 37 1/2″ ) 16 HP mud manifold Φ 103mm ( bore diameter ) ×35MPa
698.5mm ( 27 1/2″ )
8 RT gear 4 forward+ 2 reverse 17 Effective mud volume of solid control system 430 m3