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Casing Head Spools


- Versatile straight-bore design, uses a 45 degree landing shoulder

- Accepts a wide variety of slip and mandrel casing hangers

- Has additional lock screws for bowl protection

- Allows use of lock screws to retains hanger

- Multiple bottom sealing type, PE/BG bottom, OO bottom and double "P" Seal bottom.

- Outlets: Line Pipe, Flanged and extended flanged outlets

- Material classes. AA to FF

- Temperature, PU, LU.

- PSL 1 to 4 and PR 1 & 2

- Brand: SK, SY, WH, HZ, TG, RH, Etc.

- Production: Made in China ( also available for OEM)

- Price: same price as manufacturer.

- Also available upon to customer request


- Freight terms: FOB / CIF/ DAT