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At present, the global economy is facing important opportunities and challenges of development. As oil prices continued to slump for a long time, creating new competitiveness and explore new kinetic energy concerning industry progress is imperative. The world learns from each other, strengthens cooperation and open a sharing global economy age, which world regional cooperation has become a new trend.

CIPPE, as one of the world's largest oil show, is the key support exhibition of China's Ministry of Commerce. And it is also identificated by The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry(UFI). CIPPE has undergone sixteen years with trials and hardships, standing together through storm and stress accompanying with industry colleagues, and temper forward.


On March 20th -22rd, the annual world's oil equipment conference -- the seventeenth China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (cippe2017) will be held in Chinese International Exhibition Center (New Museum) ceremoniously in Beijing. The area of exhibition is nearly 100 thousand square meters, expected to attract nearly 2000 companies from 65 countries and regions to participate, including nearly 50 enterprises from the world's top 500 enterprises and 18 national pavilions. Domestic and international oil giants will focus on showcasing the latest cutting-edge technology and products. This year, the industry gradually pick up the trend, and CIPPE will contribute to the oil and gas industry a more professional, more valuable, more exciting industry event.


In 2017, CIPPE will host the ninth session of the international oil industry summit forum which mainly focuses on the low-cost development, through the analysis of development prospects and industry policies, explore the practical and feasible new technology and method. In the same period a number of technical forums and exchanges also can be held.         

Simultaneously, CIPPE will make an alliance against Middle East Petroleum Association and BGI in Oman to launch the special exhibition for Middle East. Oman’ BGI company will explain the system named as joint supplier registration system (JSRS) in the field of oil and gas to help Chinese oil and gas companies to quickly enter the market of Oman oil and gas. What’s more, the Middle East Petroleum Association is fully committed to explain the opportunities, challenges and coping strategies in the market of Middle East.


On the occasion, Topland will also participate in the CIPPE, exchange with petroleum colleagues from all over the world, and discuss the brighter prospects about the oil market. Especially in the special exhibition of Middle East, because the mainly customers of Topland are from the Middle East countries, so we can also hope that in concert we will communicate and cooperate with more friends in Middle East.          

Let us look forward to the arrival of CIPPE.