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The oil is black gold, is the "blood" of modern industry. It not only a kind of non-renewable commodity, but also an indispensable strategic resource for national survival and development, besides, it plays an important role in safeguarding national economic and social development and national security. However, what cannot be changed is that oil is non- renewable resource, there must be a day of exhaustion. Then based on the reality of the situation, how to maximize the extraction of underground energy into the economic development of the booster is particularly important. The fundamental way is to improve oil recovery rate, as a result, EOR technology has been widely concerned all over the world.


At home and abroad have carried out a lot of EOR technology research and testing, including polymer flooding, CO2 flooding, depth profile control and flooding technology, biological enzyme flooding, air bubble and so on, which has achieved a certain achievement. However, from another point of view, whether there is room for improvement?

Therefore, we should actively explore and invent new, more advanced oil displacement theory and technology, in order to better improve the ultimate recovery of oil field.