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Since the 18th CPC National Congress, our president, Xi Jinping, has been participated in the Shanghai delegation deliberation for the past five years during the Two Sessions (NPC&CPPCC), and every year he will talk about innovation. Innovation, is not only the requirements for Shanghai, a certain field or area, but also the systematic requirements put forward from the global reform of Chinese, the "comprehensive innovation" is a new energy in Chinese a new round of reform and opening.

On the afternoon of March 5th, Xi Jinping attended the consideration of the Shanghai delegation at the 5th meeting of the 12th session National People's Congress. He was present in the deliberations of the Shanghai delegation on the same day in five consecutive years. It is the word of “Innovation” that is the high frequency word of Xi Jinping's speech.


He hoped that we can make new achievements in promoting innovation central building and social governance innovation. He also said: making a big innovation on the field of science and technology and getting a major breakthrough in core technology areas are necessary. The various departments of the state had introduced a host of positive policies aimed to promote our innovation driven strategy so that make success, but also need to be seen results. As the saying goes, “whether a cat is black or white, when caught the mouse is a good one”. After a period of time, we should make an assessment. Something good will continue to carry forward, while the effect is not obvious for the problem, which should improve it.


As Xi Jinping pointed out in the speech of Hangzhou G20 business summit in the last year, we clearly recognize that Chinese economic development in many areas is big but not strong and not excellent. Relying on the resources, capital and labor inputs to support and expand economic growth is not sustainable. China development is facing the arduous tasks of power-transformation, the mode of transformation and structural adjustments. Building an innovation-oriented country and a scientific and technological power in the world is the urgent requirement and the only way for China's development.


In the new historical background, our company, Topland, will also find out our own innovation path adapted to the development to continue to go forward. It's magical to see