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The development of China's renewable energy industry has attracted worldwide attention. China has invested huge sums of money to consolidate its leading position in the field and become a recognized renewable energy superpower. On the contrary, the United States has gradually abandoned the commitment to clean energy, which not only increased the environmental risk, but also seriously affected the economic development and the prosperity of the job market.

However,China increases investment in renewable energy. Between 2015 and 2016, the Chinese government invested $190 billion in renewable energy and pledged to spend $360 billion by 2020. In recent years, China's investment in renewable energy is 2 times that of the United States, more than 5 times that of the United Kingdom.

The development of renewable energy in China is growing with an amazing speed, including 27 square kilometers of solar farms in Qinghai, the world's largest solar farm. China has begun to push low-carbon technologies, such as high-speed rail, solar technology and electric vehicles into the international market. Recent advances in science and technology have made renewable energy more economically viable, reducing the cost of building large solar power plants by 40% since 2010.

At present, the United States has been oversupply of crude oil market, refinery operations in full swing, a large number of canned crude oil exporting. 25% of U.S. coal exports to Asia, there is no doubt that China's comprehensive promotion of renewable energy development will have an immeasurable impact on the future energy industry and economic development in the United states.

At the same time, if Trump leaves the Paris climate deal to give up its leadership, then China's influence will grow, and penetrate into all aspects, greatly enhancing China's international status and influence.

Overall, whether or not the United States continues to develop renewable energy, renewable energy will rise in the world. Who can seize the opportunity to expand the scale, and utilize global investment, technology and talent in a rational way, will become the leader in this industry.

The proportion of renewable energy in China's energy structure is increasing, which affects China's import of fossil fuels, thereby affecting the U.S. oil and gas industry development and employment market. In the current competition for sustainable energy, China has been ahead of the United States, the market is booming, while for the United States, if it wants a share of the pie, must pay a higher price.