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Recently, Korn Ferry's Futurestep department released a research report that predicts job hunting in several industries. The study is used to predict future employment trends through interviewing recruitment specialists from around the world. The theme is "technology is everywhere in the talent world".

The study found that: by 2020, up to 40% of the employees will become freelances; many companies will establish a professional talent pool in the headquarters; even though has been using big data and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, before the realization of automation, the company also needs people to manually complete the management task.

Korn Ferry also conducted an in-depth interview with more than 800 big business’ CEO on their perceptions of employees. The results show that most of the CEO surveyed believes that technology is more important than good employees.

Among them, 63% of CEO is for that within five years, technology will be the core competitiveness of the company; 67% of CEO believes that the future technology can create greater value than talents; 44% of CEO holds that the future robotics, automation and artificial intelligence will replace people to do the work named "of no great importance". Of course, the oil and gas industry is no exception.

With the development of technology, the industry will also put forward higher requirements for talents. Oil and gas industry will also need the support from a large number of senior technical personnel, technical and economic compound talent, which requires oil companies attract proper talents with more diversified recruitment and management model.

The biggest challenge for future candidates is the constant adaptation to the threat posed by changing labor markets and technology. For them, without change, there is no future. Only get new skills will not be abandoned by the time!