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The author Michael Novak, in writing about basketball teams, says that they move in patterns, in rhythms and at high speed. He says don't look at one individual only, bit at the team acting together. Michael Novak fully pointed out the importance of teamwork. However, how can build up an excellent team? Topland will tell you the secret.



1. Clear goals. It includes two parts: understanding goals; believing their worthwhile and important.

2. Relevant skills. Besides the technical skills, possess personal characteristics for working with others is necessary.

3. Mutual trust. Believe in integrity, character, and ability of others.

4. Unified commitment. It includes the identification with team, the dedication to team's goals and the willingness to apply self to achieve goals.

5. Good communication. Not only to communicate well with customers, but to colleagues.

6. Negotiating skills. It includes the ability to confront and reconcile different problems.

7. Effective leadership. The leader should play in different roles: coach and facilitator & director and controller.

8. Internal support. It includes training, evaluative performance measurement systems, incentive programs, and supportive human resource systems.

9. External support. It refers the provision by management of required resources.