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The fall in the oil prices is the constant theme of the oil industry in the past two years. On February 11, 2016, the futures prices of crude oil in New York fell to $26.21 a barrel, hitting the lowest point nearly 12 years. In this background, the world's major oil giants have cut capital spending, looking for a new development patterns in the oil market to sustain their competitive.    


However, lower oil price is also a good thing for offshore oil, which will encourage developers to further tap the potential of reducing the cost and increasing the efficiency. Many marine enterprises and related enterprises of deep-sea oil are doing toward this direction in order to deal with the new normal of lower oil prices. For example, produce and develop a higher degree of standardization of the economic platform and streamline personnel and configuration to reduce costs. We can believe that the future of deep-sea oil development will be on the road to sustainable development.


New energy is accelerating development, and knowledge is also accumulating, but we can’t predict which day it will outbreak. Although it is still dominated by fossil fuels, the oil age will not end in a few decades, so we can still look forward to the blueprint for the oil and energy market.


Topland, as a reserve force of oil development, is willing to assist the major domestic and foreign oil development team to work, and very glad to provide advanced oil mining equipment with high quality. We also welcome the major domestic manufacturers to become our partners, which join hands in creating a better future of the oil industry.