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In the last two weeks, our TOPLAND has made our own business trip. Many times we are in contact with the customers by emails, while we are more convinced that face-to-face exchanges will promote more cordial relationship between us, so with this in mind, we embarked on a tour of our visitors in late March.


This time, we have a good harvest. At the beginning of our journey, we chose the country of Pyramid—Egypt. In Egypt, we visited our old friend ECDC, and have a cordial and pleasant conversation with enterprise responsible person. What’s more, the two sides also discussed the recent business and expressed a willingness to maintain good cooperation in the future. In particular, In view of our long-term cooperation with the trust and support, the ECDC awarded us "THE EXCELLENT SUPPLIER" honor, and we sincerely expressed our gratitude to them again.


Then, after the trip of Egypt, we set off for the UAE. Dubai's STSC and Abu Dhabi's NDC have left a deep impression on us, enterprise under the leadership of the cooperate relevant responsible person we visited their factory, and also exchange our common wishes concerning our cooperation in the future.


In short, this business trip let us benefit a lot. We hope there will be more partners to join us in the future, but also hope that we can continue to expand the footprint of TOPLAND around the world.